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Our Process

Business Assessment

This takes place over the course of a month, beginning with a Retreat with key members of the MSCO team. The purpose of The Retreat is to gather vital information on your business, as seen and reflected through the prism of the MSCO team members representing branding, PR, social media, advertising, direct response, SEO, Google Adwords and website design and development. The MSCO team explores your:

• Business model

• Competition

• Current marketing initiatives

• Opportunities for growth

• Potential barriers

How We Do It

An Account Executive serves as your Growth Adviser. This person assembles an inter- disciplined MSCO team to drive the growth of your business and serves as your business partner.

Weekly War Room sessions focus collectively and intensely on your growth plan, with your Growth Adviser making certain that all of the members are working in tandem according to the established strategy.

The MSCO team of Google certified digital marketers, copywriters, branding, web designers, PR, advertising, Internet and sales professionals collaborate to deliver an integrated approach that is greater than the sum of its parts.

Continuously monitoring results of every initiative to gauge Return On Investment and to make adjustments designed to continuously raise the bar on growth.

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What Our Clients Say

Mark takes complex marketing concepts and breaks them down in a way both entertaining and easy to understand. His personal formula on marketing provided me some very actionable next steps. 5 stars!

Riima Pruitt, Founder of Pruitt Designs


MSCO staff was able to identify our salient selling point in a non-traditional field and in little time. Pushing through to the heart of our work and our value to clients. And elevating our message and ultimately our work for our clients. The end result was a clear message and visually appealing brand that we can use for many years.

Stacey Orbrecht, JD, CWLS, PMP at Public Knowledge, LLC


We called MSCO for help 18 months ago in building a website. But without senior leadership’s buy in, we had no money to spend. Instead of hanging up, Mark Stevens and team put their genius to work on our behalf and have been doing it ever since. With their help, we got the buy-in we needed to create a world-class website and then some. Today, we work in lockstep with MSCO to plan, design, problem solve, and execute the bulk of our marketing initiatives; they are a true extension of our team. Smart, talented, progressive, creative, and fearless, they bring the big ideas—and relationships —to making a difference for our business. Working with them is a dream. Can’t imagine where we’d be without them on speed dial. Probably still trying to sell that website. Hire them. Now. Just do it.

Jill Sherer Murray, Director of Marketing and Communications at Trion, a Marsh & McLennan Agency, LLC

MSCO makes it happen. They listen, they think and then they act marvelously. In our case, they turned an outdated website and branding into a highly professional online presentation. On time and at a very fair fee. 

Gabriella He, Andres Bakery


Mark Stevens’ talk at the recent DMALI event offered a different look at “marketing”. His irreverent and humorous insights challenge conventional marketing wisdom and stimulate out of the box thinking. His dialogue inspired me to reevaluate certain tactics and strategies while validating the importance of treating customers well.

Kevin Simms, Director of Marketing for Comview Corporation