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Creating new brands and refreshing current branding has been a strength for MSCO’s team since the very beginning. We do, of course, understand the importance of strong design, but our proprietary methodology takes into account more than just a brand’s history or appearance. Successful branding is comprised of so much more than the colors, design and symbols that represent the brand.

We know that every industry and every type of customer is remarkably different. We start by performing an in depth analysis of the entire industry and the marketplace. This allows us to truly understand what we’re working with. Our ability to fully see the big picture before we start putting something together is why we are able to be so versatile with our branding.

During our analysis, we spend time to carefully explore everything that will affect your branding. We factor in important news and updates about your brand, prospective associations and organizations, and past and future trends in your industry to come up with something uniquely compelling for your brand.

For rebranding initiatives, MSCO’s focus is on the overall brand strategy. There’s a reason your company’s branding isn’t working anymore. We’ll put in the time to figure out why. We’ll address your audience’s concerns and refresh or rebrand your business in a more effective way for 21st-century consumers.

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