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Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

For more than a decade since our inception, MSCO has been providing smart and effective search engine optimization for both large companies and small businesses. In this current competitive market place, being able to rank high in search engines and put your business in front of your target audience who are already searching for your services or products is not a luxury but a necessity.

MSCO prides itself with our smart and efficient SEO process:

Keyword Research – Research your business’ main keywords and various related keywords that your potential customers are searching for using market analysis tools, analytics and competitor analysis.

Organization & Structure – Plan and develop a structure for each keywords and how it relates to your business. Organize and plan the keywords on each pages to maximize page rank and visibility.

On-site SEO – Optimize your home page and inner pages with the right titles, meta tags and header files to target main and related keywords and maximize landing page authority.

Link Building – Build links to your website homepage and inner pages to build authority and page rank that are targeting your specific main keywords and target audience.

Optimization – Constant reiteration to improve your website SEO profile while search engines crawl your website to update links and keywords in their database.

Traffic & Rank Analysis – As search engines crawl and update their index, we will track and analyze traffic and rankings to identify areas of improvement and scalability.

Understanding the process is very helpful but being able to execute them is what MSCO specializes in. Start leveraging search engines to improve your organic traffic and reach customers that are already interested to buy or avail your services.

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